Wednesday, August 29, 2012


1. Extended Welcome to Chairman and DGOF, all members of OFB present and both official side and staff side for the meeting of JCM III level council.
He thanked DGOF and Chairman for giving lot more details about the organisations role in meeting the increased requirements of the Armed forces by raising the demand of Rs.46,000 crores in 11th Five Year Plan to Rs.92000crores which shows the 0econfidence on Ordnance Factories by M of D.  This is an encouraging trend in the present juncture as we have seen many downfalls and were facing tough situation having no sufficient load which led to diversification and taking load from outside.  We should strive hard and work together to raise the flag high by fulfilling the commitments and not giving chance to outside players to encroach into our field.  For which on behalf of INDWF and Staff side we assure our best co-operation.
The proposed welfare schemes proposed by Chairman such as annual cultural meet, Housing society, creating Hostel facility at Ambjahari and coaching centre at Kanpur are welcome.  This shows the concern of OFB on our employees, Staff and Officers.
To achieve the goals/Targets, OFB may come out with an Action Plan which can be discussed and jointly make it implimentable and achievable.
Expansion by adding new organisations with OFB will boost our activities by utilising the available infrastructure.
This Bipartite participation system should be strengthened and be utilised to its best so that the industrial Relation situation may be kept in better control.
2. HAPP Trichy though originally established to manufacture Tank Ammunition but now the factory is facing raw material problem i.e. Tungsten powder import due to which FSAPDS production is not taking place.  Import action may be expedited.  RGB-60 & 12 product was successfully established by HAPP to Navy.  Load is available but the existing capacity is very less.  PINAKA production is also added.  Therefore, the draft project report in this respect for augmentation may be cleared at the earliest by which Factory can get manpower, Machineries and additional buildings etc.
3. OF Trichy was manufacturing 5.56 Rifles which has now come to minimum requirement of only 10,000.  OFT has successfully established assault Rifles which is considered equivalent to AK47.  M of D is importing Assault Rifles.  Therefore, orders may be obtained for Assault Rifles projected to OFT in respect of                   30 mm Canon 105 nos, 12.7 only 15 nos this may be revised upward otherwise the Factory come to under utilisation.
4. At OF Muradhnagar Hand grenade last year load was 8.7 lakh and current year need to be produced 13 lakh nos. No supplies of orders at least immediately 5 lakh order may be given to utilised and engage the manpower.  It is understood OF Chanda is not having detonators to assemble and therefore orders/Demand was not given.  This may be noted and orders may be given.
5. 81 mm HE Bomb body forgings from OFAJ were to be supplied to OFM for machining.  Till date no order.  This may be expedited.
6. We are thankful that OFB considered and granted 1975 posts of Labourer SSK for Direct Recruitment in Ordnance Factories.  This is a welcome decision by this contract Labour engagement will reduce we should gradually do away in engaging contract labour in Ordnance Factories which is resulting in Theft, indiscipline and improper utilisation of this manpower.
7. With regard to IR situation in Ordnance Factories, earlier it was dealt by deputing Officers from OFB Personnel Division and Federation Leaders to settle the issues.  Now this is given less priority and few Factories are adopting unfair Labour practice leading to conflicts and unrest as well as victimising the Union leaders.  A Mechanism may be evolved to control and settle the Industrial Relation situation.
8. Piece work Co-relation on 6th CPC pay needs to be expedited by holding discussions at the Apex level between OFB and Federations mutually so that the proposal can be forwarded to M of D for early approval.  Priority may be given to this.
9. With regard to GSF, 4 Grade Structure in respect of IE’s has not been implemented yet on the reasons that the matter is sub-judice.  It is requested that the GSF management and OFB should take necessary steps to vacate the stay order for implementation.  Many employees are superannuating from service, the beneficiaries are loosing on an average Rs.2000 to Rs.3000 every month which is leading to frustration, kindly expedite. 
10. Despite various clarifications sought by Factories and issued by OFB still many Factories are yet to implement and accord the financial benefit.  This may be monitored and the Action Taken Report may be obtained for the information of the Council.
11. There are many issues pertaining to Factories and OFB in respect of Personnel matters which are being raised frequently in all the meetings by the Staff side members and issues are pending unresolved.  It is therefore suggested to form small Working Groups to study and find out the actual reasons and suggest the remedial measures by which issues can be settled/closed and the time can be saved.  Also as it was proposed Audit in administration matters in respect of Promotions, Seniority, Reservation, Maintaining ratio in Promotion and Recruitment etc., can be maintained without any kind of manipulations. Etc.,
12. Centralised Seniority in respect of NIE’s & NGOs may be updated every year and be made available to the Factories.
13. Policy adopted in respect of Medical Officers now and the orders issued for transfers has created not only disturbance to them but also created vacuum in Hospitals particularly HVF Hospital where Surgeon, Anaesthesia and Gynaecologist and Two other medical officers are transferred.  This may be reviewed on their Children’s study, near retirement etc., and to avoid frustrations.
14. The issue of acute stagnation in the Store Keeping cadre may be considered as important and priority should be given to implement the proposal of AWATI Committee by diverting some posts of Chargeman (T) to relieve the stagnation of Storekeeping Cadre as an immediate measure.  Cadre Review Proposal is a long term relief and the immediate relief is most important.
15. JCM members and Federation Leaders are provided the accommodation at IB.  Due to renewal of IB, the Mayur Bhawan, HANS Bhawan was constructed. But at times we are denied accommodation when approached through OFB.  It is therefore, we request at least 4 Rooms in Mayur Bhawan may be kept under the Control of OFB to provide accommodation for JCM II, III and Federation Leaders when not occupied by these leaders, during that time Factory may utilise under the intimation to OFB.
16. Ordnance Factory Board may consider to introduce Job Guaranteed Training Schemes like Journeyman Ship Training, SCT, SAT training etc for future requirements and to impart better Training so that they will be better qualified for future Supervisory posts.
17. On LTC Home town, necessary clarification may be issued by PC of A Fys for converting to All India LTC.
18. JWMs working in Factories for a longer period say 20-30 years and also in one section may be rotated within the Factory or between the Factories to avoid monopoly.
19. OCF Chandigarh we received representation that many trees have been rooted out and the timber is piled/stocked at the Factory which is not with the approval of the Forest Department which may be enquired and corrective steps may be taken.
20. Employees of MCM grade were promoted to Chargemen(T) against their objection between 01.01.2006 and after, since MCM and Chargeman (T) are drawing identical Pay it is not a promotion, only Transfer.  But Factory is treating as Promotion and refusal of promotion is not entitled for MACP Rs.4, 600/- which may be settled by reverting to MCM grade.
21. In respect of DBW and CPW for DR in SSK the desirable qualification trade background etc., may be clearly notified including the Trade Test specification as number of candidates are not available in AOCP Trades.
22. Taking into account of the present workload, the sanctioned manpower may be revised in all Ordnance Factories, the sanction should not be more than the authorisation and sometimes authorisation is less than the sanction.  This may be revised.
23. Member representing in the APEX Productivity council (APC) should be considered as equal to JCM members and if they are serving employees, they should be given all facilities and representation alike JCM members in Factories.  Necessary instructions may be issued.
24. The norms decided by OFB for allowing candidates to appear in Limited Departmental Competitive Exams may be made clear for the information of the House and also necessary amendments be made in SRO.
25. Teachers strength may be increased in Factory schools as per demand and also the applicability of RTE Act in OF Schools may be clarified.
26. Employees deputed to various locations for attending Official Duties other than Ordnance Factories should be taken care of their Overtime, Incentive Loss.  A suitable decision is required to be taken to avoid financial loss to them.
27. New Pay slips may be introduced for wage disbursement of Industrial Employees for August to be paid in the month of September.
28. Cadre review of Chargeman and JWM, a committee under the Chairmanship of              Shri R.N.Ralegaonkar, AGM/OFAJ, to be constituted and the same to be undertaken
29. Direct Recruitment for the post of Chargeman for 829 posts has been sent to SSC.
30. Factories have been asked to project their requirement of Teaching staff in the Ordnance Factory Schools and a proposal will be made to MoD for Direct Recruitment sanction as per requirement of Ordnance Factory Schools.
31. MACP and PLB pending for Teaching staff is taken up with MoD.
32. Computer Classes to be arranged in Ordnance Factory Schools for the betterment of the Children studying in the Ordnance Factory Schools.
33. High level committee to be formed for Explosive Factories for discussion on Safety Points.

General Secretary

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cadre restructuring of Store Keeping Staff in Ordnance Factories Organisation

Sub: Cadre restructuring of Store Keeping Staff in Ordnance Factories Organisation.

After the implementation of the VIth CPC by the Govt. of India, there is a growing demand from staff side to review the Cadre of Store Keeping Staff in the Ordnance Factories Organisation.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Grant of Child Care Leave to Civilian Female Industrial Employees of Defence Establishments

Government of India 
Ministry of P.G. and Pensions 
(Department of Personnel and Training)

New Delhi, the 31st May, 2012

Office Memorandum

Subject : Grant of Child Care Leave to Civilian Female Industrial Employees of Defence Establishments.

The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department OM of even number dated 20.10.2011 on the above subject and to state that it has been decided to extend the benefit of Child Care Leave to civilian female industrial employees working in Defence Establishments w.e.f. 01.09.2008 at par with the non industrial Central Government employees covered by the CCS (Leave) Rules, 1972. Earned Leave, if any availed by these employees between 01.09.2008 and 20.10.2011 specifically for the purpose of taking care of the needs of their eldest two minor children may be converted into Child Care Leave.

2. All conditions specified in Rule 43-C of the CCS (Leave) Rules, 1972 including the number of days and number of spells have to be fulfilled for conversion of Earned Leave into Child Care Leave.

3.Hindi version will follow.

(Vibha G.Mishra) 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Compassionate appointment - Clarification regarding regulation of conditions and admissibility of various allowances after implementation of Sixth CPC recommendation

Government of India 
 Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions 
(Department of Personnel & Training)
North block,
New Delhi 

Dated the 3rd April, 2012


Subject : Compassionate appointment - Clarification regarding regulation of conditions and admissibility of various allowances after implementation of Sixth CPC recommendation - regarding.

The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department's O.M. of even number dated 11.12.2009 on the subject mentioned above and to state that large number of references have been received from various Ministries/Departments regarding regulation of various conditions on compassionate appointment and admissibility of different allowances allowed to person appointed on compassionate grounds. Doubts raised by various authorities have been processed in consultation with Department of Expenditure (I.D. No. 22/02/2009-IC-II dated 27th February, 2012) and are  clarified as under :

S. No.

Point of Reference/Doubt

What will be Status of Trainee?
A person appointed as 'Trainee' enjoys the status of a Government servant from initial day and will be allowed all the allowances and benefits allowed to a government servant.
What will be the maximum time period allowed for a person appointed as 'Trainee' to acquire minimum education qualification?
A person appointed as a 'Trainee' on compassionate grounds has to acquire minimum educational qualifications in 5 years.
Whether belated case of compassionate appointments against the erstwhile Group 'D' posts can be considered now after regularization of all Group 'D' employees as group 'C' employees.?
The belated case of compassionate appointment are be considered as per the revised recruitment rules for the MTS posts.
Whether a person appointed on compassionate grounds as 'Trainee' will have probation period.?
The probation period of a person appointed as 'Trainee' on compassionate ground will begin only from the date he/she acquires minimum educational qualification and such person will be on probation for a period specified in the Recruitment Rules of the post/grade against which he/she is being appointed.
Whether Earned Leave, Half pay leave and other types of leave as applicable to regular Government employees would be allowed to a person appointed as 'Trainee' on compassionate ground?
A 'Trainee' appointed on compassionate ground is entitled to all kinds of leave applicable to a regular government servant.
Whether Medical facilities/ Benefit of CGEGIS/VGHS on deduction of subscription for these schemes. Patient care allowance is allowed to a person appointed as 'Trainee' on compassionate ground?
A person appointed as 'Trainee' on compassionate grounds is eligible to avail Medical facilities/Benefit of CGEGIS/CGHS available to holder of post in the pre-revised pay scale of Rs.4440-7440/- without any grade pay.
Status of payment of abort/long term advances as applicable to regular government servants to a person appointed as 'trainee' on compassionate ground?
A 'Trainee' appointed on compassionate ground may be granted, by the competent authority, shorty term advances, with advances of pay recoverable in not more than 3 installments and advance of traveling allowances, festival advances, advances of in lieu of leave salary and advances of purchase of bicycles, warm clothing and table fans without production of surety, provided that such authority is satisfied that the same could be fully recovered or adjusted during the period of temporary employment of the said government servant concerned. In case of all other advances, a 'Trainee' would be required to procedure surety from a permanent central government servant, the surety bond being cancelled in the event of their confirmation in the permanent post.
Applicability of Leave Travel Concession to a person appointed as Trainee' on compassionate ground.
A Trainee' appointed on compassionate ground is to be allowed LTC concession only on completion of one year service.
What is the entitlement of annual increment to a person appointed as Trainee' on compassionate ground.
A Trainee' appointed on compassionate ground, till he/she acquires minimum educational qualification, is allowed increment at normal rates in the pay scale of - 1s.
What is the position with reference to reimbursement of Children Education Allowance (CEA) to a person appointed as Trainee' on compassionate ground.
A person appointed as Trainee' is allowed Children Education Allowance as per the admissible rates.
What is the position with respect to payment of Overtime Allowance (OTA) to a person appointed as Trainee' on compassionate ground. 
A person appointed as Trainee' on compassionate ground is not entitled for OTA during the period he/she continue as Trainee'.
Whether the dependent of compassionate appointee would be eligible for employment on compassionate grounds since their service in -1S pay band will not be counted as regular service. 
A Trainee' has the status of Government Servant from initial day, as such, dependent of a person appointed on compassionate ground as Trainee' would be eligible for compassionate appointment in the event of his/her death in harness.

2. In case of appointment of a widow not fulfilling the requirement of educational qualification, against the post of MULTI TASKING STAFF, she will be placed in Group 'C' - Pay Band - 1 (Rs.5200-20200) + Grade Pay Rs.1800/- directly without insisting on fulfilment of educational qualification norms, provided the appointing authority is satisfied that the duties of the post against which she is being appointed can be performed with help of some on job training. This dispensation is to be allowed for appointment on compassionate ground against the post of MULTI TASKING STAFF only.

(Virender Singh)
Under Secretary to the Government of India

Friday, March 23, 2012

Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008 — Date of next increment in the revised pay structure under Rule 10 of the CCS(RP) Rules, 2008


Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure

New Delhi, the 19th March, 2012


Subject— Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008 — Date of next increment in the revised pay structure under Rule 10 of the CCS(RP) Rules, 2008.

In accordance with the provisions contained in Rule 10 of the CCS (RP) Rules, 2008, there will be a uniform date of annual increment, viz. 1st July of every year. Employees completing 6 months and above in the revised pay structure as on 1st of July will be eligible to be granted the increment. The first increment after fixation of pay on 1.1.2006 in the revised pay structure Will be granted on 1.7.2006 for those employees for whom the date of next increment was between 1st July, 2006 to 1st January, 2007.

2. The Staff Side has represented on this issue and has requested that those employees who were due to get their annual increment between February to June during 2006 may be granted one increment on 01.01.2006 in the pre-revised scale.

3. On further consideration and in exercise of the powers available under CCS(RP) Rules, 2008, the President is pleased to decide that in relaxation of stipulation under Rule 10 of these Rules, those central government employees who were due to get their annual increment between February to June during 2006 may be granted one increment on 1.1.2006 in the pre-revised pay scale as a one time measure and thereafter will get the next increment in the revised pay structure on 1.7.2006 as per Rule 10 of CCS(RP) Rules, 2008.The pay of the eligible employees may be re-fixed accordingly.

4. In so far as the persons serving in the Indian Audit and Account Department are concerned, these orders are issued in consultation with the Comptroller & Auditor General of India.

Important decision taken at JCM III level meeting of OFBoard Council


JCM III level meeting of OFBoard Council (11th term 11th ordinary meeting) held on 01-03-2012 and 02-03-2012 held at OFB Head Quarters on 01-3-2012, preliniminary meeting was chaired by Member/Personnel and on 02-3-2012 the main meeting was chaired by DGOF/Chairman, OF Board.

Important decision taken, and implemented by OF Board are as follows,

1. For the newly directly recruited IES have been sent for one month induction training to be conducted by factory training schools.  The scheme has been started.

2. To develop skills for the locals and to impart training skill development training program was inaugurated at NADP, Ambajhari on 13-02-2012 by Rajya Raksha Mantri.

3. For recruitment of all Group ’C’ posts (IES/NIES) a Central Recruitment Board for Ordnance Fys has been established having office at Ordnance Factory Estate, Ambajhari which will conduct recruitment process from  01-04-2012 centrally.

4. 2172 posts for IEs have been released by OFB for all Ord. Fys, 388 Labourer-SSK post are released for A&E Group of Fys. Labourer posts for other Divisions will also be considered based on their functional requirements and after receiving the proposals.

5. MACP for JWMs promoted prior to 31.12.2005 to the grade pay of Rs.5400/- has been cleared on 02.03.2012.

6. Granting of 30 days EL and Departmental Overtime (DOT) for piece workers will be settled by Chairman/OFB in consultation with Defence Finance and Ministry of Labour and Employment at the earliest.

7. Boiler Attendants in SSK grade will be promoted to skilled grade without Boiler certificate.

8. Rs.12391 crores out put for the year 2011-12 is likely be achieved which is around 40% increase.

9. During the 5 year plan, which is coming to an end supply was made by Ord. Fys. Rs.46000 crores to Army. Now the demand from M of D during the 12th 5 years plan is around Rs.92000 crores which is almost double which has to be met by Ord. Fys.

10. Roll on indent was granted for 5 years by the Ministry to OFB in all the products. No restrictions for buying new plants, modernization of Fys, manpower and financial grants etc.

11. To increase the capacity of Ord. Fys, 3 sick PSUs with all its infrastructure is likely to be taken over by Ord. Fys Board. These plants are in Naini, Hydrabad and West Bengal.

12. Regarding conducting of LDCE examination for the employees to appoint against 25% Quota, due to pending finalisation of the courses / certificates issued by certain institutions, pending finalization, the Exam dates are likely to be postponed to April 2012.

13. Direct – Indirect Ratio of IEs will be reviewed in order to strengthen the maintenance and Quality Control activities is Ord. Fys.  Necessary directives will be given to Fys to induct manpower in there areas also.

14. Pay slips which are newly designed by PC of Fys will be given in the month of May for the salary of April month mentioning all the details of payments and Recoveries.

15. Co-Relation of piece work on 6th CPC. The report of the sub-committee was sent to three federations. After receiving their views, OFB will discuss with federations and a consensus proposal will be sent to M of Defence for obtaining final orders.

16. Issues Related to 4 grade structure implementation.

Many factories have not yet completed the process of implementation of 4 grade structure. It was demanded that a time bound action from OFB should be fixed and the same should be monitored for expediting the same. Further, PC of Fys should allow the option to choose the Revised pay after 1.1.2006 on the date of promotion to next higher grade. Exemption of Trade test to fill the resultant vacancies be given, so that back date effect can be given for the promotion granted at a later date. It was agreed by OF Board to monitor the progress of implementation and clarifications required will be completed by April 2012.

17. It was demanded that all the employees appointed in USK grade (Labourer, Erstwhile Group D) all have been up graded to SSK grade Rs.1800/- GP w.e.f 1.1.2006 and therefore their earlier ACPs granted should be ignored and they should be granted ACP on completion of 12/24 years up to 31.08.2008 and after 01.09.2008, if completed 30 years they should be granted III MACP.

18. All MCMs placed before 31.12.2011 were granted upgraded to Rs.4200/- GP. Therefore this is not to be counted ACP and only got one ACP.  They should be granted IInd and III ACP ie Rs.4600/- and Rs.4800/-.Since they hot only one ACP to Rs.4000-6000.

19. Uniforms though were approved by the federations with OFB it was demanded that Dress Material as per specifications should be procured centrally and Fys should be given responsibilities to stitch and distribute the dresses at the earliest.

20. A sub-committee was appointed by OFB for rationalization of industrial trades under, the Chairmanship of Shri.B.Pugazendi, GM, HAPP, First meeting held on 01.03.2012. The committee will further decide certain trades to be merged and abolish and also proposing to keep the trades in discipline wise so that parity in promotion between each trade can be maintained.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Grant of Child Care Leave to Civilian Female Industrial Employees of Defence Establishments

The Secretary to Government of India,
Ministry of Personnel, PG & Pensions,
Department of Personnel and Training,
North Block,
New Delhi-110011.

Thro’ Secretary, Staff Side National Council(JCM) 

                                  Sub : Grant of Child Care Leave to Civilian Female Industrial    
                                            Employees of Defence Establishments

                                 Ref: Department of Personnel & Training Letter No.12012/2/2009. 
                                         Estt(L)  Dt.20th October 2011.


              Based on the recommendation of the VI CPC, Govt. of India accepted and introduced Child Care Leave in respect of Women Central Government Employees vide OM. No.13018/2/2008-Estt(L) dt.11-09-2008.After receiving various representations from Govt Servants/ Federations/Associations, Govt of India reviewed its earlier decision and issued revised orders vide their letter w.e.f. 01-09-2008. According to which, earned Leave, if any availed by women employees before availing CCL subsequent to the issue of the OM.13018/2/2008-Esst(L) dt.18-11-2008may be adjusted against CCL if so requested by the employees.

             This benefit of CCL, in respect of Civilian Female Industrial Employees of Defence Establishment covered by the CCS (leave) Rules 1972 were denied the similar benefit though they are at par with the Non-Industrial Central Government Employees Covered by the CCS(Leave) Rules 1972.

             The matter was subsequently considered and the benefit of Child Care Leave to Civilian Industrial Employees working in Defence Establishments at par with the Non-Industrial Govt Employees  covered by CCS (Leave) Rules,1972 was extended vide your letter under reference. But the order was given effect only from the date of issue of this order ie w.e.f. 20-10-2011.

               Many Women Industrial Employees working in Defence Establishments during the absence of the benefit of CCL, availed Earned Leave between September 2008 and October 2011 are not been allowed to adjust against CCL and were deprived of the benefit, since the extended benefit was given only w.e.f.   20-10-2011.

             This issue was raised in the National Anomaly Committee meeting held on 05-01-2012 by the Staff side to give effect retrospectively ie subsequently after the issue of O.M. Dt 18-11-2008. The Chairman of the Meeting informed to the Staff side that if references any received, it will be considered.

             It is therefore requested to kindly review the order Dt. 20-10-2011 and the benefit of CCl may please be extended retrospectively to women Industrial Employees of Defence Establishments.
     Yours Sincerely

General Secretary, INDWF,
Member Staff side Standing Committee,
National Council (JCM).

Copy to:-

The Secretary to Govt. of India,
Ministry of Defence,                      --Request to refer the matter for extending the benefits of
South Block,                                     availing CCL by the Women Industrial Employees
New Delhi-110011                            in Defence Establishments retrospectively