Thursday, May 21, 2009


Government of lndiaMinistry of Personnel,
Public Grievances and Pensions(Department of Personnel and Training)North Block,
New Delhi, the 19th May, 2009
The Sixth Central Pay Commission in Para 6.1.15of its report, has recommendedModified Assured Career Progression Scheme(MACPS). As per the recommendations,financial upgradation will be available in the next higher grade pay whenever an employee has completed 12 years continuous service in the same grade. However, not more than two financial upgradations shall be given in the entire career, as was provided in the previous Scheme. The Scheme will also be available to all posts belonging to Group "A" whether isolated or not. However, organised Group "A" services will not be covered under the Scheme
2. The Government has considered the recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission for introduction of a MACPS and has accepted the same with further modification to grant three financial upgradations under the MACPS at intervals of 10, 20 and 30 years of continuous regular service.
3. The Scheme would be known as "MODIFIED ASSURED CAREER PROGRESSION SCHEME (MACPS) FOR THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT CIVILIAN EMPLOYEES. This Scheme is in supersession of previous ACP Scheme and clarifications issued there under and shall be applicable to all regularly appointed Group "A", "B", and "C" Central Government Civilian Employees except officers of the Organised Group "A" Service. The status of Group "D" employees would cease on their completion of prescribed training, as recommended by the Sixth Central Pay Commission and would be treated as Group "C" employees. Casual employees, including those granted 'temporary status' and employees appointed in the Government only on adhoc or contract basis shall not qualify for benefits under the aforesaid Scheme. The details of the MACP Scheme and conditions for grant of the financial upgradation under the Scheme are given in Annexure-l.
4. An Screening Committee shall be constituted in each Department to consider the case for grant of financial upgradations uhder the MACP Scheme. The Screening Committee shall consist of a Chairperson and two members. The members of the Committee shall comprise officers holding posts which are at least one level above the grade in which the MACP is to be considered and not below the rank of Under Secretary equivalent in the Government. The Chairperson should generally be a grade above the members of the Committee.
5. The recommendations of the Screening Committee shall be placed before the Secretary in cases where the Committee is constituted in the MinistrylDepartment or before the Head of the organisation/competent authority in other cases for approval.
6. ln order to prevent undue strain on the administrative machinery, the Screening Committee shall follow a time-schedule and meet twice in a financial year - preferably in the first week of January and first week of July of a year for advance processing of the cases maturing in that half. Accordingly, cases maturing during the first-half (April- September) of a particular financial year shall be taken up for consideration by the Screening Committee meeting in the first week of January. Similarly, the Screening Committee meeting in the first week of July of any financial year shall process the cases that would be maturing during the second-half (October-March) of the same financial year.
7. However, to make the MACP Scheme operational, the Cadre Controlling Authorities shall constitute the first Screening Committee within a month from the date of issue of these instructions to consider the cases maturing upto 30th June, 2009 for grant of benefits under the MACPS.
8. ln so far as persons serving in The lndian Audit and Accounts Departments are concerned, these orders issue after consultation with the Comptroller and Auditor General of lndia.
9. Any interpretation/clarification of doubt as to the scope and meaning of the provisions of the MACP Scheme shall be given by the Department of Personnel and Training (Establishment-D). The scheme would be operational w.e.f. 01.09.2008. ln other words, financial upgradations as per the provisions of the earlier ACP Scheme (of August, 1999) would be granted till 31.08.2008.
10. No stepping up of pay in the pay band or grade pay would be admissible with regard to junior getting more pay than the senior on account of pay fixation under MACP Scheme.11. It is clarified that no past cases would be re-opened. Further, while implementing the MACP Scheme, the differences in pay scales on account of grant of financial upgradation under the old ACP Scheme (of August 1999) and under the MACP Scheme within the same cadre shall not be construed as an anomaly.
Deputy Secretary to the Govt. Of lndia
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  1. Sir ,I m surprised that nobody is taking note of the fact that ministry of finance has done a mistake while clarifying MACP.MACFP is given in only immediate next higher grade pay which may not be in the hierarchy of the cadre. But will get the grade pay of that in the hierarchy of the cadre in due course of promotion.But nothing was told for those like working in IA&AD who do not get promotion without passing a very tough examination this dept. no such regular promotion occurs.As a result a personm entering as audito get regular promotion only upto senior auditor but after that 2nd acp 4600 and 3rd 4800 after 30 years of service means he is allowed only two promotions in his life.This is in contrary to the PM`s announcement for 3 promotions in life.Is it not betryal of public faith to commitment?

  2. another thing I got surprised , nobody is not taking note of this is that in the clarification of MACP no person will get MACP unless spending 10 years in the same grade pay.Mind that it is grade pay not the grade . This means that those AAO in IA&AD expecting MACP immediately have to wait upto 2016 since grade pay defined only on modified revised pay rules2008 is effective from 1.1.2006.
    Further no AAO gets MACP since there is no recommendation of the 6th pay commoission regarding merger of the grades of SO and AAO ,even though grade pays were marged.Moreover there is no change of hierarchy in IA&AD regarding recruitment rules,Thus no AAO should get MACP.But alas! Our C&AG approves this illegal idea.

  3. I think Mr.Kuttu is under confusion about the second sentence of Annexure-I of Para –I of MACPS order. If an official got his first promotion after 5 years from the date of his appointment, the second ACP is admissible when he spent 10 years in the existing grade. In other words he will get ACP-II after 15 years of service, instead of 20 years. If his first promotion was after 15 years, his ACP-II is admissible after 20 years, because he might have got the ACP-I after 10 years. In all cases there shall be 3 ACP on completion of 10, 20 & 30 years of service from the date of appointment. Please go through the illustration chart, annexed with the MACPS order. Yours truly, P.S.Mohandas /OFKU.

  4. Mr. P.S. I appreciate your answer but partially only.Whatever you told is correct except the fact that I am confused and I need to go through the illustration chart.
    My dear friend, why not first take a serious note of what I am trying to tell?
    I am trying to let you understand that in all the illustrations and clarifications,nowhere it is distinguished between grade pay and grade.All the illustrations are given on consideration of grade pay, not grade.
    Please ,please try to understand that in legal sense the two words carry different meaning.Therefore the clarification mentioning that the govt. servent has to be in the same grade pay means to be in the same grade pay from 1.1.2006 ,the date from which the term grade pay was defined in the revised pay rules 2008.
    As such all the AAOs are not going to get any MACP untill 2016 .
    Further since the hirerachy in the recruitment rules did not change ,no AAO is entitled to MACP
    (para 8 stating why so and aao are to be treated as separate grades for counting and not for consideration of MACP