Wednesday, October 9, 2013


INDWF/Circular/022/2013                                                                Dt 08.10.2013


All Affiliated Unions of INDWF

Dear Affiliates,
                    Youth 1st National Conference of Indian National Defence Workers Federation held on 02.10.2013 at Ordnance Factory, Khamaria Estate under the Chairmanship of Shri Ashok Singh, President, Indian National Defence Workers Federation.  The conference was attended by Sr. Office Bearers and the delegates from the affiliated Unions.  In the conference, it was discussed to organise the Young employees (Women & men) who are getting recruited in Defence and also recruit them in the Union membership so that their involvement and role can help the organisations/Unions to strengthen and also to create leadership for future.
                    The conference adopted the following resolutions and decided to communicate to all our affiliated unions for adoption and compliance of the same.
1.    All affiliated unions should create a provision in their bye-laws creating structures to form Youth & Women Committees and Sevadal to that effect, necessary amendments should be made in the Bye-laws.
2.    Unions should make provisions in their Bye-laws to co-opt 10% of the strength of managing committee/Office Bearers & Executive Committee to accommodate Youth (Men & Women) members without election.
3.    Unions should organise and conduct Training programmes for Youth (Male & Female) with the help of Indian National Trade Union Congress & Indian National Defence Workers Federation to create and develop leadership.
4.    It was resolved to constitute a National Level Youth and Women committees for Indian National Defence Workers Federation within a month and therefore, unions should form these committees at Union level and forward the names of the individuals (not more than 3) with their Bio-data duly recommended by Union to Indian National Defence Workers Federation so that the national level Youth and Women Committee can be constituted with the prescribed time for which the convention has authorised the President & General Secretary of Indian National Defence Workers Federation.
 5.    Unions should engage the Youth and Women employees in the following activities for their effective participation
a)    Sports activity
b)    Cultural activities
c)    Social Activities
d)    Training activities
e)    Conducting Blood Donation camps
f)     Conducting Seminars on Trade Unions.
6.    International Labour Organisation declared International Youth (August 12th) and Women (March 8) Days which should be celebrated involving Youth and Women to encourage them.
7.    Youth and Women conference at National Level will be conducted alongwith the National Conventions conducted by Indian National Defence Workers Federation.
8.    Shri Anand Sharma from Ordnance Factory Suraksha Karmachari Union was declared elected unanimously in the conference.  After receipt of the names from the unions the National Youth and Women committees will be constituted.
Affiliated Unions are requested to place the above resolutions in your executive committee and in the General Body meeting and adopt the same.  The names for the Youth and Women committees may be sent by 30th October, 2013.  After adopting in the General Body meeting, necessary provisions be made in the union Bye-laws to incorporate and the same may please be informed to
Indian National Defence Workers Federation.
Kindly acknowledge the receipt of the letter.
Yours Sincerely,
General Secretary.

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  1. Thanks sir to passed the resolution for youth & women Committees