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The working committee meeting held on 23-7-2009 at New Delhi discussed at length about the implementation of VI CPC recommendations by Government of India vide their OM dated 29-8-2008. The working committee while conveying its fullest satisfaction on certain modifications in the pay and allowances by the government of India, but strongly felt that despite having discussions at Ministry of Defence and at various Directorates Level Hqrs, the following issues are not yet settled or implemented fully. Also the benefits related to the implementation of the revised pay scales have not been granted.

I. Merger of grades/Post
b. Asst. Foreman/Foreman/Store-holder with JWM
c. Asst. with office Supdt.
d. Personnel Asst. II & I
e. Fireman II & I
a. Fireman Pay scale in the Grade Pay of Rs. 1,900/-
b. Nursing staff
c. Teaching Staff
d. Personnel Secretary
e. Jr.Works Manager.

III. a. Extending the payment of Risk Allowance and introducing Risk Insurance Scheme.
b. Continuation of Hospital Patient care Allowance Patient Care Allowance .
c. Granting Overtime Rates/Pay on Revised Pay w.e.f.01-01-2006
d. Co-Relation of Piece Work Profit on Revised Pay.
e. Revision of Night Duty Allowance on Revised Pay.

IV . Review of Modified Assured Career Progression by Granting the grade pay of promotional hierarchy as existed in the earlier ACP Scheme.

V. Early Payment of arrears 60% on Pay Revision.

The working committee unanimously resolved to observe demand week
from 10-8-2009 to 14-8-2009 to protest against the delay in
taking decision to fully implement the orders of Government of India on the
recommendation of VI CPC.
Therefore working committee decided to direct the affiliated unions to observe demand week by conducting Gate meetings, Issue of Hand bills ,Wearing Badges, Holding Demonstrations, Taking Procession and submission of memorandum through their respective Head of the Establishments addressed to the Defence Secretary ,Government of India


  1. Working committee of AAIWOCRI (AA) Employees Union of ORDAQA, DGAQA, Khadki, Pune has been passed a resolution to observe a demand week at Khadki, as per the directives of general secretary INDWF and under the guidance of Shri Shivaji Jadhav, JCM III member of Ammunition factory Khadki

  2. thanks for the information given. but are they aware of technician cadres in DRDO? after getting 10+2, diploma, apprentis/post diploma eork getting sallary in PB1 with G.P. Rs /-1900. while the group D staffs are also getting G.P. Rs /-1800. with qualification of Class VIII th pass. is it the justice wiyh them?

  3. INEU Mumbai(NAVY)observing Demand week in all the Units of Western Naval Command As declared by the Federation.

  4. According to the Gezette dated 28 Jul 2009 and further OMs the demerge of HS (Highly Skilled), I would like to know that an employee who was earlier appointed in the Cadre-I as Highly skilled (like TCM, AFV, Inst Mech, EE Mech etc) be also demerged in two cat of 2400 and 2800 or they will directly put in 2800 grade pay.

    Please clarify the same as there are many employees in Base Workshops affected with the same.

    Yashpal Singh
    510 ABW

  5. 1. Will the federations do any favour to the staff car drivers. Pray for mercy of federation leaders. Civilian Motor driver grade I are equal grade pay with the MCM i.e. 2800/- At least 50% of senior most Civilian Motor Drivers (Staff Car Drivers) have the right to get promotion as Special Grade. in the Grade pay of Rs. 4200 in the pay band 9300-34800 those who are completed of 24 years regular service, due the following reasons :- .

    (a). Due to the introduction four grade structure i.e. Ordinary grade, Grade II ,Grade I & Special grade in the grade ratio system of 30:30:35:5, only 5% of senior most Civilian Motor Drivers ( Special Grade) (Staff Car Drivers) are getting the Grade pay of Rs. 4200 in the pay band 9300-34500 at the time of retirement on completion of 35 to 37 years of service. All other categories who were initially appointed as Gp’C’ except staff car drivers are availing the same financial benefit after completion of 24 years of regular service on implementation of ACP Scheme without any restriction . Earlier there was three grade structure. Due to ban on recruitment , 50% of CMDs are having more than 25 years of regular service and waiting for promotion as Special grade, these 50% of senior most CMDs have the right to get promotion as Special Grade with a grade pay of Rs.4200/- ,

    (b) Even the semiskilled industrial personnel who are appointed before 1981 and got more than three promotions (as SK,HSII ,HS I & MCM) and more than two financial up gradations were granted the pay scale of Rs, 5000-150-8000 after completion of 24 yrs under the ACP Scheme (For. e.g., WIREMAN, LINEMAN, SBA, MPA, PHO, DES, PAINTER, CARPENTER, MASON, PLUMPER, PIPEFITTER etc).All these categories were semiskilled before 1981. However, CMDs are Group ‘C’ (Skilled) employee since the Independence of India.
    2. The mazdoor, chowkidar , peon who were re-classified as LDC are getting the Grade pay of Rs. 4200 in the pay band 9300-34800 after completion of 24 yrs in the Group ‘C’ category. However, the mazdoors re- classified as Civilian Motor Drivers (Staff Car Drivers) are not getting the Grade pay of Rs. 4200 in the pay band 9300-34800 even after completion of 30 to 35 yrs as Civilian Motor Drivers (Staff Car Drivers). Four grade structure promotions introduced instead of three grade structure with the grade ratio system of 30:30:35:5, which has made extreme adverse impact on promotion of Civilian Motor Drivers (Staff Car Drivers).
    3. The grade structure of grade II and grade I have been merged in to one grade in case of JEs (Supdt gde I &II) , O/S (Asst& O/S), Draftsman( Gde II & Gde I), Supvr.B/S (Gde II &Gde I), & Stenos (Gde II & Gde I) which was in favour to them.
    4. The implementation of three grade structure in case of Civilian Motor Drivers (Staff Car Drivers) also by merging the CMD Gde I and Special Gde into one grade is very essential in the ratio of 30:30:40 for justification. Justice delayed is justice denied

  6. sir, we can add the details of zonal committes meeting (e.g south zone co-ordination committee meeting resolutions) in this web site

    j manoharan
    Org Secretary
    South Zone Co- ordination committe of INDWF

  7. Sir,
    I was appointed as a TCM in Min of Def in Apr 1997. I got MCM in Apr 2008. Now my grade pay is 4200. Whether 1st ACP will be applicable for me in Sep 2008 as per MACP as MCM is not treated as a promotion. Please clarify the same at the earliest as it's a urgent case.

    Simanchola Behera
    AD Static Wksp
    C/o 99APO
    Gopalpur Mil Stn

  8. Sir,
    Please ref letter dated 03 Feb 2010 from EME(Civ) issued to various Army Base Workshops as clarification regarding 50:50 of Highly Skilled Trades in Min of Def.

    The letter seems to be incomplete.

    it states that all the pers in HS incl MCM and other HS who were already above 2800 grade should also be included while calculating 50:50.

    While the gazette says that all these should be in diff scales ie 4000, 4500 and 5000 for HS-II, HS-I and MCM in grade pay 2400, 2800 and 4200 respectively.

    Is there any letter with DOPT pending clearing the same ?

    If so please provide the same on your blog so that many emp in EME in ABWs may get the right grade pay fixed from 1.1.2006.


  9. Please send DOPT for 4 grade structure those are sing on 27/2/2010
    Deligate K.U

  10. Since the approval of restructuring of atrison trades (four grade structure) in Min of def, till date it has not been implemented at any Army Base wORKSHOP of EME due to its complex nature.

    There is some suggestions to make it simple as on 1.1.2006 and thereafter.

    This may be implemented as under:-

    1. Employees Drawing between 3050 and 3999 basic pay as on 31 Dec 2005 may be treated as skilled and given a Grade Pay of 1900.

    2. Employees Drawing Greater than or eqaul to 4000 and less than 4500 basic pay as on 31 Dec 2005 may be treated as HS-II and given a Grade Pay of 2400.

    3. Employees Drawing Greater than or eqaul to 4500 and less than 5000 basic pay as on 31 Dec 2005 may be treated as HS-I and given a Grade Pay of 2800.

    4. Employees Drawing Greater than or eqaul to 5000 basic pay as on 31 Dec 2005 may be treated as MCM and given a Grade Pay of 4200.

    5. In this way most of the employee will get benifited and there will be no confusion in fixation of their pay and allowances.

    6. After 1.1.2006 the percentage criteria may be maintained as it is given in the concerned letter/orders.

    I hope these suggessions will help you clarify all the queries occured during implementation of the new structring of the Trades in Min of Def establishments.

    Gurdeep Singh

  11. please send affiliation certificate from INDWF as we have got the affiliation from INTUC.
    ayudh nirmani mazdoor congress,itarsi,m.p.

  12. TIME BOUND PROMOTION may granted to Civilian Motor Drivers (Staff Car Drivers) as CMD Special grade forthwith who are completing 3 years in the grade of CMD grade I .

    The grade ratio of CMD (Special grade) may be revised into 40% instead of 5% with the implementation of three grade structure by merging the CMD Gde I and Special Gde into one grade in the ratio of 30:30:40 as the 40% senior most CMDs are having more than 24 years of regular service.

  13. Dear R Sriniwasan sir,
    About up gradation of grade pay of lab assistant of IAF from Rs 2800 to 4200 there was a point in MOD for has passe more than one year but no out put have been received yet.How can individual can get information about this. please send a reminder to MOD regarding this so that prompt action can be taken by MOD.
    thanking you.
    your sincerely
    Vinod Singh