Wednesday, September 25, 2013


A meeting of the THREE recognised Federations of Defence Civilian Employees took place on 19.09.2013 at Kolkatta.  The following were present:-
                    i.    Shri S.N.PATHAK         -           President
                  ii.    Shri C.SRIKUMAR       -           General Secretary
                    i.  Shri R.SRINIVASAN     -           General Secretary
                  ii.  Shri S.C.NAHA              -           Vice President
                    i.    Shri V.L.NAWADE        -           Working President
                  ii.    Shri SADHU SINGH    -           Organising Secretary
The meeting noted with grave concern about the present situation in the Defence Industries of Government of India due to the Government policies such as DPP-2013 and also to allow FDI in Defence sector.  The Defence industry is under severe attack since through DPP-2013 the Defence sector is declared open to the private sector in the name of “Level Playing Field”.  Foreign Arms manufacturers will also have their share in the Defence Industry since already 26% FDI is allowed in Defence sector from 26% to 49% for state of art technology items.  These policies of Government of India will damage the existence and future of the Defence industries under the M of D.  The meeting noted with serious concern that there is no provision in the DPP 2013 to protect the interest of DRDO and Ordnance Factories.
            The meeting also noted with deep concern about the Parliament passing PFRDA bill, thereby handing over the pension of the new recruits under the control of market forces.  Pension is the right of the Government employees as per the Supreme Court judgements.  However, this right has been taken away by Government by introducing the New Pension Scheme (NPS) w.e.f. 01.01.2004 and also by passing Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) Bill.  It is unfortunate that even a minimum guaranteed pension is not ensured for the employees in the NPS and PFRDA Bill.
The meeting also has taken a serious note of the outstanding issues of the Defence Civilian employees.  The efforts taken by the Federations to settle all these issues have not yielded any result.

 The demands, which Government has refused to, consider positively, employees have gone to Court of Law and they have achieved Judgements in their favour such as:
a)     Grand of MACP benefits in the Promotional Pay Hierarchy
b)     Revision of NDA in 5th/6th CPC pay scale
c)     Fitment in 6th CPC after placing the employees in the upgraded pre revised 5th CPC pay scale.
d)     Fitment in 6th CPC after placing the employees in the upgraded pre-revised 5th CPC Pay scale.
e)     Revision of Risk Allowance and inclusion of left out operations.
Apart from the above there are many issues of the Defence Civilian Employees remaining un-settled in spite of raising the issues in different forums.  Since none of these issues are settled the Federations are left with no option than to plunge into a series of agitational programme culminating in an indefinite STRIKE to achieve the following Charter of demands:
1.   Withdraw DPP-2013, which is against the interest of DRDO and Ordnance Factories.
2.   No FDI in Defence Sector.
3.   No disturbance in the functioning of DRDO by implementing Prof.RamaRao Committee’s recommendations.
4. Arbitrary reduction of manpower in the Army units such as EME, Vehicle Depot Panagarh, etc should be withdrawn.
5.   No closure of Military Farms.
6.   Merger of DA with Basic Pay for all purposes.
7.   Immediate set up of 7th CPC.
8. Withdraw the New Pension Scheme and implement the Defined Pension Scheme for employees recruited after 01.01.2004.
9. Grant of Compassionate appointment to the wards of Defence Civilian Employees by removing the 5% ceiling.
10.Stop all types of Outsourcing/Contract and regularise all the existing Contract/Casual Workers.
11.  Fill up all the posts lying vacant in the Defence Establishments.
12.Grant of 3rd MACP in Grade Pay Rs.4600/- to the MCM and also the Industrial employees who got 2nd ACP in the pre-revised pay scale of Rs.5000 – 8000/-.
13.  No reduction of sanctioned strength of the Ordnance Factories based on ShriSourab Kumar Committee Report.
14.  Remove Bonus ceiling limit for number of days and also the payment-ceiling limit of Rs.3500/- for 30 days.
15.  Correlation of Piece Work Rates in the Ordnance Factories w.e.f. 01.01.2006 and also for grant of incentive to all left out categories including Examiners.
16.  Grant of Department OT wages to the Piece Workers of Ordnance Factories.
17.  Grant of 30 Days EL to the Industrial Employees of Ordnance Factories who have opted for leave under Factories Act.
18.  Trade Union Rights to the Chargeman category and also for employees working in Hospitals and Training Centers under MOD and also in those areas covered under SRO 17E.
19.  Grant of MACP benefits in the Promotional Hierarchy as decided by the Hon’ble Supreme Court.
20.  Revision of the rates of NDA and Risk Allowance, Risk Allowance may be granted to the left out organisations, left out categories and inclusion of new Risk Operations.
21.  Grant of PRIS to the DRDO Employees and also payment of OT Arrears.
22.  Completion of all Cadre Review proposals and issue of Government Orders in a time bound manner.
23.  Grant of CSD Canteen facilities to the retired Defence Civilian Employees.
24.  Revision of Fixed Medical Allowance to the Defence Civilian Employees.
25.  Arbitrary declaration of Ammunition Depots as war Establishment should be withdrawn.
The meeting has unanimously resolved to observe the following action programme in support of the above demands.
1.     Publication of the declaration jointly in local language on 12/11/2013
2.     Submission of the Charter of Demands to the Defence Secretary through proper channel by the affiliated union separately holding Joint demonstration during the meeting hours/Lunch hours on 19/11/2013
3.     Demands week from 09/12/2013 to 13/12/2013
a)     Publication of Poster/pamphlet 09/12/2013
b)     Gate Meeting on 10/12/2013
c)      Black Badge on 11/12/2013
d)     Morning demonstrations on 12/12/2013 & 13/12/2013
4.     Strike Ballot by AIDEF Union on 18/12/2013
5.     Strike Ballot by INDWF Union on 19/12/2013
6.     Strike Ballot by BPMS Union on 20/12/2013
7.     Meeting of the AIDEF, INDWF, BPMS to finalise the date of commencement of indefinite Strike to take place during January 2014.

          Sd/-                                                    Sd/-                                         Sd/-
   C.SRIKUMAR                               R.SRINIVASAN                   SADHU SINGH
General Secretary/AIDEF   General Secretary/INDWF          Orgn.Secretary/BPMS
                                                                                                            For General Secretary

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