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Sub: Deferment of proposed Indefinite Strike from 17.02.2014 – reg

Dear Colleagues,
            After serving the strike notice (Joint Declaration) on 29.01.2014 to the Secretary to Government of India, Ministry of Defence, a meeting was convened to discuss the demands submitted by Three Recognised federations on 06.02.2014 under the Chairmanship of Additional Secretary (A), Ministry of Defence.  Officials from M of D including Additional FA, Defence Finance were present.

            The Following demands were discussed and the comments are given:

Point No.
Grant of 2nd /3rd MACP in the grade Pay of Rs.4600/- to the Artisan Staff of Defence Establishments who were granted 2nd ACP in the Chargeman scale of Rs.5000-8000.

M of D, Defence Finance raised objections stating that Master Craftsman further line of promotion is Chargeman though both are in same pay.  By becoming Chargeman, they will neither get one increment nor fixation of pay benefit but it will be treated as one promotion and counted against 3rd MACP.
            However, it was claimed that upto 31.12.2005 MCM was getting Rs.4500-7000 and was part of HS (55%) and therefore, on completion of 24 years of regular service 2nd ACP was granted in Rs.5000-8000.  But after 01.01.2006, HS I was created and MCM pay was upgraded to Rs.4200/- Grade Pay (Pre-revised Pay Rs.5000-8000).  HS I and MCM became regular promotional grade.  Therefore, those who got 2nd MACP they should be granted Rs.4600/- after completion of 30 years.  This was agreed and Defence finance approved the claim M of D issued orders in this respect vide their letter No.11 (5)/2009-D (Civ-I) dt 06.02.2014.
            “The matter has been considered in consultation with Defence Finance and it is further clarified that since the post of MCM was not in the hierarchy of Artisan staff cadre upto 31.12.2005, the Highly skilled workers/MCM who were already drawing the pay scale of Chargeman (Rs.5000-80000) viz the promotion post upto 31.12.2005 under ACPs may be considered for further Financial upgradtions, if due, in the next grade pay (Rs.4600/-) in the hierarchy of Grade Pay.”
            According to which, HS or MCM employees got Rs.5000-8000 in ACP after completion of 24 years are  now eligible to get  III MACP on completion of 30 years of service.         

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