Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Point No.

For those who have completed 30 years between 01.01.2006 and 31.08.2008 they are not considered due to the reasons mentioned above but a fresh proposal was not made to overcome the problem and to grant Rs.4600/- on 3rd MACP for the Artisan Staff, the model proposal for promotion is indicated below:

Skilled Grade
(PB I, GP Rs.1900/-)

 Highly Skilled Grade II
(PB-I, GP Rs.2400/-)
Through LDCE with Diploma Qualification

Highly Skilled Grade I
(PB I, GP Rs.2800/-)

Master craftsman                       Chargeman
(PB-2, GP Rs.4200/-)           (PB-2, GP Rs.4200/-)

                               On eligibility basis
                             (PB-2, GP Rs.4600/-)
            From HS I on Promotion will go to MCM and MCM and Chargeman both will be considered for promotion to JWM.  All the Directorates under M of D and Three Federations were asked to submit their respective comments to M of D for further action.  INDWF agreed and submitted our comments in favour of their proposal.

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