Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Approval of all Cadre Review proposals of MTS, Durwan, Fireman, Drivers, Storekeeping Staff, Industrial Canteen Staff, Para Medical Staff, Stenographers, DEO, JWM and Clerical Staff, of OFB, DRDO, DGQA, Navy, EME, AOC, Air Force and other Directorates pending at different levels.
(i)       Cadre Reviews pending with Defence Finance be finalised.
(ii)      Cadre Review proposal not submitted shall be submitted within one month and settled.
(iii)     DRDO shall consult staff side Federation before finalization of DRTC Cadre Review.

Grant of PRIS to the DRDO Employees at Par with Department of Atomic Energy and ISRO.
The proposal of ‘Performance Related Incentive Scheme (PRIS) i.e. 20% incentive to DRDO employees” is under consideration of Ministry of Finance. 
Revision of Fixed Medical Allowance to the Defence Employees posted at Hard stations/isolated places and also grant of medical reimbursement for impatient treatment for such employees by implementing the judgment of Punjab and Haryana High Court.
Matter will be perused with Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to Expedite the decision.
Grant of Four Grade Structure to the Ammunition Mechanic or NAD under NAVY
Grant of Four Grade Structure to the Ammunition Mechanic of NAD under Navy has been pursued with Ministry of Finance to expedite for an early decision. 
Grant of Four Grade Structure to the Meter Reader of MES at Par with the Artisan Staff. 
Matter may be pursued with DOP&T to expedite a decision.
Extension of CSD Canteen facilities for retired defence Civilian employees at par with Ex-Serviceman.
It was stated that Defence Civilian on retirement are not entitled to CSD facilities.  The extension of CSD facility to Defence Civilian employees on retirement has been discussed, in the Executive committee (EC) meeting of the Board of control canteen services (BOCCS) wherein due to various constraining factors, such as shortage of manpower, infrastructure and lack of budgetary support, it was ruled that “STATUS QUO” to be maintained.
However, during the meeting, it was insisted that this facilities should be extended with some modifications.  Then it was agreed to take up the matter again for review. 


  1. This matter should be vigorously pursued again and again. It should also be projected to the seventh pay commission.

  2. AIDTOA & CCGGOO thank all the Defence Civilian Officers, employees& Pensioners, Federations & Associations for their support in the struggle for achieving CSD Canteen Facilities to Retired Defence Civilian Employees.