Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Grant of Compassionate Appointment 100% as being granted by the Railway Ministry
The matter may be taken up with DOP&T at higher level.
No reduction of sanctioned strength of the ordnance Factories based on Sourab Kumar Committee Report.
Comments noted
Regular meeting with the recognised Federations by the M o D and other Directorates should be ensured.
Staff side was advised to submit a calendar on the line of action which was submitted on 12.01.2014.  Meeting with Federations, regularly holding JCM, M of D, Directorate level JCM III meetings.
Three meetings of the Departmental Council (JCM) and four meeting of the JCM –III Level council as per the constitution of the JCM Scheme should be ensured.
Timely meetings may be ensured



Grant of Trade Unions rights to all the non-gazetted employees working in the Defence Establishments as being given in the case of Railway (Upto to Rs.4200/-)

Grant of Trade Unions rights to the Employees of Hospitals and Training Establishments under M o D since these Establishments are already recognised as Industry by the Labour Ministry.

Grant of Trade Union Rights to the Defence Civilian Employees posted at area declared under SRO – 17E
A meeting will be held on receipt of the comments from Federations.

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